Supporting the Copenhagen Reform Proposal

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TFAA and AAC Collaborating on Change

This past weekend at the USA Track & Field Annual Meeting, athletes participated in an open meeting of the Athlete Advisory Committee (AAC), which included a presentation by Travis Tygart, CEO of USADA. It was clear that structural issues, conflicts of interests, and inconsistent policy enforcement jeopardize the integrity and independent ability of WADA to operate without outside influence and thus negatively impacting the profession of Athletics.

At the conclusion of the meeting, members of the AAC as well as the Track & Field Athletes Association (TFAA) in attendance agreed to support a petition endorsing the recommendations made by a separate group of National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADO) earlier this year known as the Copenhagen Reform Proposal (PDF).

We encourage everyone to support the petition by signing the petition found HERE on Please join us in support of this very important initiative by SIGNING the petition and by sharing via your social media using the following hashtags:  #CleanSport #EmpowerWADA #TFAA #USATFAAC. Thank You!


Adam Nelson
President, TFAA


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