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November 30, 2017


Registration is now open for 2018 Track & Field Athletes Association (TFAA) membership. Membership categories encompass individuals who are either professional track & field athletes or dedicated leaders and supporters of the sport such as event directors and coaches. TFAA members play an active role in the future of track & field, road racing and race walking and have a direct impact on the process and the policies that impact track & field athletes. A group discount is available for four or more professional athlete members joining together.  Groups will receive 50% off the 2018 membership.  The group discount expires April 30, 2018.  Email for special instructions on securing the group membership discount.

In addition to contributing to the unified voice of track & field athletes and industry influencers who are directly impacting the future of track & field, members receive important benefits that help them improve business conditions, raise performance levels and promote and contribute to the high caliber of national and international professional track & field competitions.

Membership is open to active and retired professional track & field athletes, agents, coaches and athlete alums as well as independent TFAA Board members. For more information about membership categories, please see membership categories below.

Rookie Professional Member

  • Been selected for no more than one national team and
  • Publicly declared professional status within 12 months.

Professional Member*

  • Been competing as a professional athlete for more than 12 months.

Athlete Agent Member

  • Represents at least one professional athlete.

Athlete Alum Member

  • Retired from track & field competition 1-10 years.

Coach Member

  • A coach who is training at least one professional athlete.

Event Director Member

  • An event director who currently conducts track & field competitions for professional athletes or intends to conduct track & field competitions for professional athletes within 12 months.

Independent Member

  • An independent individual elected or appointed to the TFAA Board of Directors or the TFAA Advisory Board.

Supporting Member

  • An athlete alum who retired from track & field competition more than 10 years ago or an individual who supports the mission and goals of TFAA.

To register, click MEMBERSHIP.



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The Track & Field Athletes Association, Inc. (TFAA) is a nonprofit trade association with a mission of enhancing the sport of track and field, road racing and race walking (track and field). Its constituency is professional track and field athlete and their supporters, who seek to improve and expand the participation in, and the fan base for, the sport of track and field domestically and internationally. TFAA’s members are professional track and field athletes, their representatives, coaches, event directors, and supporters.



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