TFFA Elections

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A professional athlete member is a current:

Professional athlete (a) who has waived his or her amateur competition eligibility or has no remaining amateur competition eligibility, (b) has publicly declared her or his intention to compete, or has been competing, to earn prize money in track & field competitions, (c) who has been ranked in the top fifty (50) of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) world rankings in the past twelve months and/or is ranked among his or her nation of citizenship’s top 25 athletes in his or her event discipline in the past twelve months, and (d) is actively pursuing track & field as her or his professional avocation.

Retired professional athletes who met the above definition within the past ten (10) years may also vote and be candidates for the TFAA Board.

Available TFAA Board positions were:

• 3 Professional Athletes (not AAC Officers) one each from each of the following categories: (a) Sprints-Mid Distance; (b) Jumps & Throws; and (c) LDR-RW
• 3 Professional Athlete Alternates (not AAC Officers) one each from each of the following categories: (a) Sprints-Mid Distance; (b) Jumps & Throws; and (c) LDR-RW
• 1 Professional Athlete Representative (Agent)
• 1 Athlete Professional Representative (Agent) Alternate*
• 1 Event Director
• 1 Event Director Alternate*

To be eligible to be elected to the TFAA Board, the Event Directors, and Professional Athlete Representative (Agent) must be working with Professional Track & Field Athletes who meet the definition above.

*Alternates have the right to attend TFAA Board meetings without voice or vote; unless they are taking the place of the absent Board member.

The newly elected TFAA Board of Directors will complete the process by electing 2 Independent Individual members. Once the independent Board members have been elected. The entire TFAA Board of Directors list will be published here.

Please email questions to for further information.